The Tale Continues...

When we last left our heroine, she was in New York. Now she is in California: land of suntans, veganism, and people who refer to their highways with a capital THE in front of them.

After hanging up the ol' tap shoes, Danni began honing her funny by taking improv classes at the Second City and Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatres of LA. She also began taking acting classes at The Imagined Life Studio, where she essentially gets to play pretend all the time and neglect her adult responsibilities. Wheeee!

In her spare time, Danni likes to oil paint, sing Alan Menken songs, ride horses, attempt to surf, compose musical theatre tunes, and accost her two adopted Siamese cats. Seriously, they're assholes. But, damn, are they cute and furry.


Wait, was there a moral to this story?

No. No there wasn't.

I want a refund.

The Tale of Danni Spring

Danni Spring hails from the infamously unknown town of Brockport in Upstate New York (No, this does not mean Harlem.  This means that there is a whole other part of the state besides Manhattan.  There is life outside of NYC.  Look it up, people).  From a very early age, Danni wanted to grow up to become a Velociraptor but, since that is socially frowned upon and apparently there's no money in it, she decided to pursue a much more lucrative career in acting.  Yes, you heard her.  

After years of cutting her hair to look like Julie Andrews (this resulted in a mullet in what are otherwise referred to as "The Lost Years") and performing Rockette shows to Rhapsody in Blue for her stuffed animals, her family finally conceded to let her pursue her dream.

She began her education at SUNY Fredonia in 20-mumblemumble, tackling a double major in Musical Theatre and Dance.  Why?  Because she's f#$king crazy, that's why.  

Aside from drinking copious amounts of Mountain Dew Code Red and never sleeping, Danni bided her time in college by attending a lot of vodka-fueled costume parties and frequenting the stage as "mentally unstable crying girl."  No, this was not type casting.  It was just a coincidence...right?      

After graduating from Fredonia in 20-mumblemumble, she made the great trek to Hollywood (more specifically Glendale but that sounds waaaaaaay less appealing to anyone who's picked up a People Magazine) to pursue acting professionally.