-bienvenue, and welcome to Clever Girl Danni's first ever blog!  Cherry officially popped (Note to Danni: change that phrasing before publishing).

So what have I been up to lately?  Well, while it feels like I've done nothing except binge watch Friends on Netflix and post copious amounts of Instagrams of my visually impaired cat this week, I actually have a lot of exciting news to share!  

First and foremost, my Asian midget of an older sister (not being cruel, just stating facts) got engaged to her best friend and someone that we've both known for over a decade.  I'm over the moon thrilled for them and can't wait to Pinterest the shit out of her wedding planning.  Amanda and Ben, it's going to be a fun ride. <3 

Secondly, I'M GOING TO MOTHERFLIPPIN ITALY!  I'm actually going with my mother, but I do not intend to flip her.  She's been generous - and insane - enough to plan a vacation for the two of us at the end of May.  I'm not sure of the specifics yet, but I'm hoping that there will be lots of sight-seeing, art-judging, gelato-eating, and welcomed cat calling from an assortment of Italian stallions who will refer to me as their "Ginger Bella."  I'm counting on that last one.

Thirdly, I was fortunate enough to host 3 of my dear college friends for a week as they visited California for their first time. Yeaaah, I popped their cherries (NTD: change that phrasing too).  We had a blast, especially when we all went to Vegas for some Raving and fine dining at Denny's.  We even made it a game to see who could collect the most escort cards from the street pimps, and, while I didn't win, the boys have made it a point to set up a slutty scavenger hunt in my room by hiding the cards EVERYWHERE.  Today alone I found two Brigettes in my lamp, a Starla in my black pumps, and a pair of bi-curious German barmaid-looking sisters in my pillowcase.  The hunt continues... #beanzwuzhere  

Fourthly, I had my 20-mumbleth birthday at the Happiest Place on Earth (That's Disneyland for all SoCal residents.  Hooters for everyone else). I was  joined by several of my dearest passport-holding friends and even went all Princess Giselle on myself and made my own birthday dress.  I am a very lucky young, young, superyoung, did-I-mention-young girl.  

Things have been pretty exciting on this end, to say the least.  Professionally speaking, my sketch group onewordnocaps had a lot of success with our last video (Fifty Shades of Felt - check it out on my WATCH page) and I may have just been cast as a transsexual drug dealer in a new webseries.  Gotta love typecasting.  

Welp, that is all for now, my friends.  Stay tuned for some actual thoughts and opinions (From a woman?! Gasp!).  Until then, thanks for stopping by.   :)