New Year, New...Well, Not Much Has Changed, Really

Hello, my devoted fans (Mom, this means you)!  

Did you forget about me?  No worries, I forgot about me too.  I had been meaning to write a blog for some time and then, you know, just got carried away with actually living life. But, here we are, in 2016, and I thought it only fitting to take this time to recap my 2015 and welcome in the new.  Here goes...


(in no particular order) 

1.  ITALY!  Despite being ill in one way or another during the entire duration of this trip, this was easily one of the most epic vacations - filled with more gelato, Italian boys, gorgeous scenery, and mumsie bonding time than I could have ever hoped for.  Andiamo, mama!

2.  The Scissor Sisters' trip to San Francisco (see earlier blog to understand lesbian reference).  I am in love with that city and if I could find any practical reason to live there - or anyone to foot the astronomical rent bill - I would be there quicker than you could say chocolate dick (again, that blog will explain a lot).

3.  The month of July.  Ba ding ding, if you know what I mean...(you probably don't.)  

4.  Coeurage Theatre Company.  There are not enough words to describe  just how much I love these people.  After proclaiming myself their #1 fan for years, I finally got up the coeurage (see what I did there?) to audition for them this year.  First, I got to understudy for the extremely whimsical and heartfelt FAILURE: A LOVE STORY, which went on to be nominated for several Ovations Awards *brushes off shoulder*.  Next came THE SPARROW, where I was inconceivably lucky to be able to work with the greatest, most talented, most cohesive, and most supportive group of people I've known since college.  Seriously, I looked forward to every day that I got to play with them on that stage, to share drunken ghost stories post-show, and to spew in-character insults at every one of them backstage.  It had been awhile since I had done theatre in LA, and this company - specifically this group of phenomenal humans - re-instilled my faith and my love in something that I had long given up on.  So, thank you.  Sparrows Fly on three!    

5.  My sister got engaged!  This is old news but, now that we've officially entered 2016, that wedding day is getting closer and closer and I can hardly contain myself (but what's new?).   

6.  onewordnocaps.  When I first joined this group (to several raised eyebrows), I had never acted in sketch comedy, written a script, or even held a boom.  I was under-qualified, clueless, and  just generally confused.  It was one of the biggest Yes ands that I've ever made.  I've now been a part of this silly lil' sketch group for two years, but this is the first year that I feel like I've really found my footing.  Turns out, having a voice in the writers' room and taking a step behind the camera has been just as intoxicating as being in front of it.  Sure, half the time I still don't know what I'm doing, but the grand thing is that this group has allowed me to fail and fail over and over again without any judgment, because they know, at the end of the day, that we're all in this together. (Enter Zac Efron for the dance sequence. Basketballs not included).  

7.  I'll be home for Christmas - not just a song anymore, it's a fact.  I will be home for Christmas from here on out. My family decided this year that we'd always go in on my plane ticket so that we can be together for future holidays - because that's the greatest gift, after all.  Cue the silent, unstoppable tears pouring down my face.  

8.  I left my representation.  Why would this be a highlight for someone who's trying to make it as an actor, you ask?  Well, here's the thing, old chum: anyone who tells you that having an agent is better than not having one is FULL OF SHIT.  I cannot stress this enough.  Having an agent who never sends you out (but books you extra work?!? Bitch, no.), verbally abuses you, and makes you dread contacting them is not someone that you should put your career in the hands of.  After spending waaaaay too much time trying to mold myself into what I thought agents/casting directors wanted (playing the "Please like me" game, as I call it), I decided to stop giving fucks.  This is the first year that I felt strong and articulate enough to communicate what I want (and DON'T want) out of this industry, and I cannot wait to build a creative team  - team being the operative word here - that will have my back and help me take that extra step.  Starting at square one is not always a bad thing, my friends.        

9.  In February, three of my favorite boys came to visit us for what was possibly one of the most fun and carefree vacations that I've had since moving out here.  For two glorious weeks the laughs, drinks, and naked Las Vegas girl trading cards kept on comin'.  Today, I am ecstatic to say that two of those boys have officially landed in LA - for good this time.  THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN!  

10.  This blog!  Major props to Adrien Delstanche for helping me bring this site to fruition.  It gives me so much joy to finally have a creative outlet that I am proud of and that is truly mine.  There are so many things that we don't have control of in this world, so having this quirky little corner all to myself has been inspiring and therapeutic, to say the least.


Welp, there you have it.  Goodbye, 2015!  You were very kind to me, but I have a feeling that 2016 is really gonna knock my socks off.  Stay safe, healthy, and happy, my friends and stay tuned for more frivolity from your favorite Danni Spring!

(I'm the only Danni Spring.)

(You have no options.)